This initiative is the result of an existing network of European and Latino-American research institutions aiming to promote a qualified and critical debate on tourism issues.

The present conference is a continuation of the movement initiated in 2016 by means of French-Brazilian cooperation in tourism research[1]. It aims to initiate a joint effort dedicated to strengthening interdisciplinary research links and human-resource capacity building at a post-graduate level in this thematic field. It also recognized the need to improve dialogue between the academic and public sectors and to promote an exchange of experiences in both countries on a regular basis.

The International conference in Paris, in October 2018, will be followed by a second international conference in Belem in 2019, connecting the networks of the two countries in a common thematic approach: Tourism, Heritage and Public Policies, which is the inspiration for this proposal. 


In Brazil the core institutions are the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (ProgramaEicos/IP; PPED/IE and LTD/COPPE) and USP with the direct cooperation of UNICAMP and UFPA and a network of 12 other public institutions    


In France, the conference will be organized under the auspices of AsTRES, a network of universities and higher education institutions, specializing in research and education aroundtourism (


The Conference will take place in Paris.


[1]In May/June 2016 The International Workshop Tourism, Nature and Culture: Interdisciplinary Dialogues and Public Policies was organized by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in collaboration with USP and IREST/Paris 1. This event resulted in a Platform called TP3: Tourism, Patrimony and Public Policies, the annals of the workshop with all the papers presented and an e-book covering long-term cooperation between France and Brazil which had the official support of the French Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

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